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Application: TUM

Some information for the doctorates application in TUM:

Academic Prerequisites:

You have to fulfill formal requirements to be accepted as a doctoral candidate. These are:

  • You have to hold a master’s degree or a “Diplom” with an above average grade.
  • You have to prove sufficient knowledge in computer science.

First, you apply for becoming a doctoral candidate at the deanery (Section “Apply for becoming a doctoral candidate”). Thus, you get on the list of doctoral candidates (Promotionsliste) with the status registered (angemeldet). Second, when you fulfill the first requirement (Section “Nostrification of a foreign degree”), you will be accepted (aufgenommen) as doctoral candidate. Now you CAN enrol at the enrolment office as a part-time doctoral student, if you need the enrolment due to your scholarship. Third, after you proved the required knowledge, you will be admitted (zugelassen), you can enrol into the regular doctorate program and you merely have to write and defend your thesis.

Please note that the total time of enrolment as a (part-time) doctoral student may not exceed 6 semesters.

Find a thesis adviser:

If you want to do your research within the context of a research project at one of the chairs of the Informatics Department, the first major step is to find a professor who accepts you as a doctoral candidate. If you want to apply for one of the graduate programs, please find the necessary information on the respective websites. The following information should nonetheless be taken into account:

Apply for becoming a doctoral candidate:

Fill in the application form and submit it with the following documents to the “Dekanat der Fakultät für Informatik” (room 00.10.036 MI). Required documents:

  • Two copies of your master’s or “Diplom” certificate
    Keep electronic copies of these documents for Step 5.

Proving your knowledge in Informatics:

If you do not hold a master’s degree or “Diplom” in computer science, information systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik), or bio informatics from a German university, you might have to prove a certain amount of knowledge in Informatics. In this case, you will be contacted by Mrs. Maschmeyer from the Student Service Center.
The following requirements, defined by the faculty of informatics, apply:

  • You have to prove knowledge in the areas covered by the following lectures:
    • Introduction to Informatics I (IN0001)
    • Introduction to Informatics II (IN0003)
    • Discrete Structures (IN0015) or Fundamentals of Algorithms and Data Structures (IN0007) or Operations Research (IN0022)
  • You have to prove in depth knowledge in one of the following specialization areas:
    • Databases
    • Software Engineering
    • Networks
    • Distributed Systems
    • Information Systems
    • Programming Labs
    • Theory
    • Computer Architecture

Fill in the computer science knowledge form. Give as much information as you can about your lectures and/or work experience. This will be evaluated by a committee of professors. If they will not find it to be sufficient, you might have to pass additional exams.If this section applies to you, collect all the following documents in a single PDF file and send it per Email to Mrs. Maschmeyer ( maschmey(at)in.tum.de):

  • Application form and required documents
  • Nostrification request form and required documents
  • Computer science knowledge form and any supportive documents

You must take required exams within one year, which can be done parallel to your work on your thesis.

Enrol as a student at TU München:

After your degree has been accepted, you will receive a letter of acceptance from the dean of the faculty. This letter of acceptance is sufficient to get a visa as a doctoral candidate. You CAN enrol at the enrolment office of TUM as a  part-time doctoral student (primarily intended for students from other universities, therefore you do not have to provide the confirmation of supervision by the native university), if you need the enrolment due to your scholarship. All in all you may be enroled at most for six semesters; you do not have to pay tuition fees, only the student union fee (Studentenwerksbeitrag), currently 42 Euro per semester. For further questions please contact Angelika Reiser,  reiser(at)in.tum.de.

Final Step: Admission

Finally, you will receive a letter from the deanery stating that you have been admitted (zugelassen). With that you can enrol into the  regular doctorate program. All in all, you may be enroled at most for three years; you do not have to pay tuition fees, only the student union fee (Studentenwerksbeitrag), currently 42 Euro.